6″ Memory Foam Tri-fold Mattress with Cover – Queen

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– Folds neatly away for storage in seconds
– Ventilated to regulate sleep temperature for maximum support and comfort
– Ideal solution to temporary sleeping accommodations
– Perfect for unexpected guests, family reunion, dorm rooms, camping and traveling
– Constructed of 1.5″ 3-lb, luxurious memory foam on a 4.5″ foam base
– Superior high-density construction that will not lose its shape
– Includes removable jacquard ultra-soft bamboo cover, with anti-slip bottom
– Mattress in flat position measures 78in.x58in.x6in. When folded it measures 58in.x26in.x18in.




Our Memory Foam Tri-fold Mattress is a step up from your average sleeping accommodations. Ventilated to prevent you from overheating at night, it is easily stored, folding neatly away in seconds. It’s great for sleep-overs as well as permanent arrangements. It’s constructed of high quality, luxurious memory foam on a thick foam base, and its high quality means it will not lose its shape. The mattress includes a removable jacquard ultra-soft bamboo cover with an anti-slip bottom.

CertiPUR-US® Certified.



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7 reviews for 6″ Memory Foam Tri-fold Mattress with Cover – Queen

  1. novonuno (verified owner)

    After reading a recommendation in a Jeep Wrangler forum I purchased the small 25” tri-fold for camping. I also needed a mattress at home. The small 4” thick tri-fold was better than the old mattress in the condo. As I’m not here year around and share the condo with a friend, the queen would be a perfect solution, if indeed a tri-fold could serve as an everyday bed. Once the 25” convinced me of the quality of these tri-folds, (I especially LOVE the covers) (and be sure to purchase the carry bags) I tossed my old bed and ordered the queen. It is fantastic. Even at 6” thick, it is totally comfy. You cannot feel the folds, unless you kneel on them. You do however see the seams when the bed is made if you leave it open daily. But my queen sheets were huge because there is no foundation and a thinnish mattress, so after a week I decided to purchase the 2” mattress topper also. My only concern was it would be too soft. But no, it is perfect. Now for my summation. I bought the 6” queen tri-fold and also the 2” mattress topper. They are my daily bed. The nearest I can describe it is it feels like the mattresses Hampton Inns use. It is the best thing I’ve ever slept upon. And for basically $300. I was going to buy a WinkBed. They are like $1200-1500. So…I’m pretty happy. Love my Millards.

  2. novonuno (verified owner)

    I bought the 4” single to use in my Jeep Wrangler. I’ve learned about air mattresses. I also need(ed) a home mattress as the one in my girlfriend’s condo is an old split king. The first purchase was the single 4” tri-fold. Then I bought a nice platform (an Evie.) With the new platform I tossed the old King frame and both box springs. I placed half the old king on the new frame. That improved the old crappy mattress. But the queen frame is large enough to also put the little 4” tri-fold next to it. The tri-fold, even 4” thick, blows the old mattress away. I was going to buy an expensive mattress, maybe a Wink. But this little 4” thing convinced me to buy the queen. It’s perfect for the condo here. The Evie frame folds up and so will the mattress! And it’s crazy comfortable. PLus, I’m disabled with a bad back, so, a mattress contributes heavily to my happiness. Very impressed and happy with the single and look forward to my new queen. It’ll be here Friday.

  3. Gaylord Warpig

    Light, easy to fold, easy to store. Most of all comfortable. Can be used on the floor or on top of a futon. I got it for my kids’ sleepovers but I spent a night on it just fine as well. Recommended. I was not paid, did not receive a discount and don’t know anyone affiliated with the company, just needed a spare mattress. Non-shill.

  4. Emily Ravenwood

    My guests report that (with my 2 inch foam topper over it) this is very comfortable and supportive. I like soft mattresses, myself, so it’s a little firm for my own tastes, but not so much that I got a sore hip when I tested it out. It folds up into a bundle that I can manage pretty well on my own, too. Do be careful using a mattress pad with it, though; the nap on the underside of most mattress pads will stick like velcro to the plush top of this and actually reduce the give of the mattress.

  5. M. J. Pruitt

    Very comfy! Note that it is extra long, and you will need a twin XL mattress pads & sheets for good fit.
    It is light weight, but a little bulky to fold up & move: that comes with wanting a twin width bed instead of a narrower cot size!
    I hope the material that joins the pads together is stronger than it looks/seems. I am worried that this mesh will tear easily with much use.
    It would be lovely to have an optional fitted cover for when this is folded up!

  6. Cassandra Roma

    better than an air mattress.. make sure you have a bungie cord or two to make the carrying this easier.

  7. Mr. Schnoodle

    I’ve been using this as my sole bed everyday, all night, for almost 2 months straight now. I won’t be going back to a spring mattress. I have found this bed to be VERY comfortable at 5’8 and on the chubby side. When lying down, there is no “bottoming out” at our pressure points (b*tt, shoulders, elbows, etc.), even lying on your sides, but there is when you sit or kneel directly onto it. There is plenty of room to lay comfortably and there is also room for my 18 lb dog who is soo happy that he doesn’t have to jump up on a bed anymore. Also, a young child could fit along as well. I can’t say I would recommend this for traveling with – such as camping, it’s not really mobile and is heavy to carry. I leave it out permanently as a bed as I could see folding it would cause problems at the fabric seams.

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